Geaux Blue Family Day

We will once again host an awesome free and private event for NOPD officers and their family members. This event is held at a local fun venue which includes many activities for Officers and their family members to just have a night of fun. Many of our amusement providers donate their facilities to ensure a great time! Last year, this event was well attended by more than 1200 NOPD officers and family members.  Geaux Blue Family Day is a private, exclusive event for NOPD officers and their families to celebrate and bond as one big family.

  • Get Involved: If interested in making a donation of cash, food, or entertainment, please see our Get Involved page. For food or entertainment donations please contact Cecile Tebo, 504-908-5799 or email at

The media and the general public are not allowed at this event, as it is a time for NOPD officers to enjoy a very special day with each other and leave the stresses of the job behind.

Take a look at last year’s event: